Brown double laced feathers

About the origin of the Barnevelder is much to read, but in fact we should not make it more difficult than it is. The Barnevelder has its name from the fact that in and around Barneveld there was  increasing interest for brown eggs. In 1890, it is also mentioned, that at a given moment people would speak about the "brown Barnevelder egg". Farmers noticed that there was much benefit to the commercial brown egg. The price for these eggs was much higher, so they kept increasing in numbers. Nowadays we would say business was booming!

The Barnevelder is a mid to heavy weight breed with a modestly rounded back line. The breed has a typical color, (Color Variety) with most notable the brown and black double laced feathers, where the base color is brown with black edges on top. In the hens this shows in a brown feather with two black edges. There are a few  other official color varieties around, most notable the blue double laced  Barnevelder where the brown base color is substituted by a blue-ish gray and the silver laced. We are for now focusing on the traditional brown double laced Barnevelder.

The breed suffered the same faith as most of the heritage breeds,          (Hoender rassen) once the commercial hybrids became more profitable and interest in the breeds was lost. Today there are several clubs with members who are interested in bringing them back to the original standard and enjoy this beautiful and friendliest chicken both for show and as back yard bird. 

Our rooster on Championship row! 

We are very exited about our latest addition to our Barnevelder lineup. Check out these beautiful Silver Double Laced Bantams! 

Barnevelder chicks