The Welsummer breed dates back to the late 19th century, from the Dutch village of Welsum and surrounding areas of Gelderland and Overijssel on the rich clay grounds along the river "ijssel". 

It's not exactly clear from which breeds the Welsummer was bred, most likely "country chicken" and foreign breeds like Maleiers, Cochins, Brahma's, Faverolles and Dorkings.

​In later years they were crossed with Barnevelders, Rhode Island Reds and Leghorns. The purpose of this was to create a breed which would lay large eggs with a beautiful dark brown color. At the time, these where very much in demand compared to the white eggs of the local Dutch breeds. This dark brown egg was much more a criteria in the early days than the look of the breed which did vary quit a bit in those days.

After the creation of the "Nederlandse Vereeniging tot Verbetering van het Welsummer Hoenderras" ("Dutch Club for Improving the Welsummer Country Breed") in 1928, there was an increasing interest in the body type and colors of the breed. There where many different opinions as to what the breed should look like but eventually the " Rood Patrijs" became the official standard. This color variety is unique to the Welsummers.

Even though the Welsummer is still a breed known for its great egg production and beautiful dark brown speckled eggs, it has been in decline due to demand for hybrid breeds in commercial hatcheries. Today the breed depents on people like our selves,  who breed them for the love of it, to create show birds as well as one of the best back yard chicken you can have!

Welsummer hen

Welsummer rooster